Welcome to Flathead Valley's most affordable curbside recycling service.  We are here to help you make a difference in our community by doing your part and recycling your everyday household materials.  We make it easy, convenient, and affordable.  Which can only leave you with one question......

Why aren't you recycling


Lots of new stuff going on.  First, no routes will be run on the following days in 2018. New Years day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the day after, and Christmas.

Secondly - We are sorry to say that as of Feb. 9,2018 we will no longer be able to take plastic and tin of any kind.  We tried to find a viable solution for this, its just not possible.  We will continue to work on this and keep you updated on any changes.  Thanks so much. 



Our Mission Statement - Our goal is to raise recycling awarness in our community and give easy solutions to your everyday recycling needs.   

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