Q - What kinds of paper can I recycle?

A - Anything and everything!  Examples - junk mail, magazines, newpapers, computer paper, shredded (please keep in a separate bag) and the list goes on!


Q - What kinds of plastic can I recycle?

A - Only #1 and #2 plastics.  You can find the number usually on the bottom of the item.  Look for the recycling sysmbol and there will be a number inside.  No matter what the color is, if it has a 1 or a 2 it can be recycled.  Please make sure you rinse out your items and remove the lids or caps. 


Q- Can I recycle glass?

A- Yes!  We are now accepting glass!  Please place into a separate bin or please put your items into a separate bag and place your bag on top of your other recycling items.


Q- Do I have to sort my items?

A- The only item we ask you to sort is your glass, and wine bottle corks.  And these items can just be placed in a bag or box on top of your other recycling items.  We like to make this as easy as possible for you!  So everythings else can just be put into your recycling bin and we will sort it out.  Alot of our customers bag up all of their paper or aluminum items and then place them into their bin, but that is not required. 


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