- No pick up day -  


New Years Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day,

Thanksgiving, The Day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. 


Green News

Glass –

Do to the high cost of pulverizing and moving the product there will be a separate charge for glass.  Glass will be charged on a weekly basis, up to 10 gallons there will be a charge of $3.00.  This will be added onto you monthly bill. 

Also ALL liquid must be rinsed from the bottles.  If there is liquid left in your bottles (example, beer, wine, juice) you will be charged a flat $5.00 and this will also be charged on a weekly basis. 

Mixed glass in your recycling bin is still a no, no.  And because we are still having problems with this there will be a flat charge of $5.00 if any glass is mixed in your main recycling bin.

And please do not break your glass to allow more to fit into the 10 gallons. 


Bins & Lids -

Please make sure your bin lid is on.  If your bin is filled with water or snow your recycling will not be picked up.  We do not accept wet paper or cardboard.

Bins must be curbside; if your bin is not curbside it will not be picked up.  Please put it where the driver will see it.  Please do not keep it up on your porch, behind bushes or fences or at the top of your driveway.  All bins must be out curbside by 8:30 a.m. to insure your bin is picked up. 


Plastic –

Remember we only expect #1 and #2 plastics.  Please check the bottom of your container for the number of the plastic.  All other numbers of plastic will be left in your bin.  All caps must be removed from your plastic bottles and all liquid MUST be removed.  Food or drink still left in the plastic containers will not be accepted (example, milk, ketchup, juice etc.). 



Please remember this is a recycling service and be aware of the items you are putting into your bin.  If we have to remove garbage from your bin there will be a flat charge of $5.00.  Remember styrofoam is not recyclable along with non #1 or #2 plastic and items that have food or drink still left on or in them.


Weekly Recycling –

All recycling must fit into your weekly recycling bin.  If you are going to have extra items a call MUST be placed to the office so your driver can be notified.  There will be a charge for extra recycling and the charge will depend on the amount you have and if an extra pickup is required.  If a call is not made for your extra recycling it will not be picked up.


All of us here at Green Montana Recycling would like to thank you for your support and for your commitment to recycling.  

With your help we will continue to grow, keeping our Valley clean and beautiful!!  




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